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Madison’s First BlowDry & Makeup Bar

Do you want to spice up your hair and makeup for your next special event?


Our BlowDry and Makeup Bar is Hybrid Salon’s answer for date night, family events, company gatherings, last minute party invites or any outing where you need your hair and makeup looking the best it can be!


We have researched today’s top trends and have come up with the five most popular styles. Each is preset and designed to happen fast on dry hair. These hair styles are scheduled 30-45 minutes long for your convenience.

Is volume, body and bounce your thing? Choose our Full of Life. It’ll put a spring in your step!

Do you love a controlled, smooth and shiny look? Our Straight to the Front is for you. Picture yourself New York City sleek.

Want to feel like a California girl for a day? Choose our Wave Ahead. Loose curls will give you that carefree LA look.

Are you a fashion forward stylista? Pony Up is perfect for you! Our professionally done ponytail makes a powerful statement.

Whether you prefer a bun worn on top of your head, low at the nape, tightly styled or loose and “messy”, our Sweet Roll is your answer. Make it your own and flaunt it.

If you’d like to add a relaxing shampoo and personalized conditioning treatment, let your Stylist know!


Our Makeup Bar has three different eye application options to choose from. Each look can be adapted to perfectly compliment your style from our BlowDry Bar.

Strut your stuff with our Catwalk application. This winged eyeliner look is inspired by the classic 60’s cat eye. Keep your shadow nude or add a little shimmer for a modern twist.

Fire & Ice is a duel color look with visual impact that pops. This look was created to give options for both warm and cool  skin tones.

Smolder is our version of the ever popular smokey eye. It’s bold, it’s hot, sound the alarm!!

To complete your look, add a lip application.

To see images of our BlowDry and Makeup Bar click here!

We are looking forward to being part of your next special event! Reserve your appointment here!

~Ivana for Hybrid Salon

I need an appointment now!

Often times we have guests of Hybrid Salon call in to make an appointment at the last-minute. While it would be great to get in on the exact day and time you’re hoping for, it’s not realistic (and generally five other people want that “after work” spot too). Stylists have a large database of clients and often the most desirable hours in their day are requested first. So how do you avoid having to wait longer when your roots are a mile long? The answer to that question is pre-booking. Making your next appointment in advance will make your day a lot less stressful and allow you to relax while you (and your hair) are pampered.

Now, I completely understand that you may not know what you’re doing twelve weeks from now at one in the afternoon on a Tuesday. But, planning ahead just a little is going to be beneficial to you and your hair. I don’t want to lecture about how to plan your life, but I do have a few tips on making your salon experience easy and enjoyable.


— Bring your planner along to your appointment. Your hair is your best accessory and you can’t give it any less attention than you would anything else you schedule into your busy life. Plus, think about how often you get your hair done? One appointment in a month is not hard to schedule, right? Plus, when you book an appointment for 8 weeks from now, you’ll have a better chance at finding a time that works well in your schedule.

— Make an appointment before you leave your current one. Some people think it’s more of a hassle to reschedule your appointment. But, moving an appointment time is easier than pulling one out of thin air. When an appointment gets moved, it frees up time creates an open availability and makes it possible to accommodate other guests.

It’s also important to have your hair on a regular schedule. Believe it or not, your hair is in a routine. That’s why you can train your hair and not shampoo every day, but that’s a whole different can of worms.  Bottom line: plan your hair into your schedule and make time to take care of it.

Tami for Hybrid Salon

Spring Trends 2013

Although we don’t feel it quite yet, Spring is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate the shedding of winter coats and snow boots by treating ourselves to the newest Spring Trends for 2013. Bright pops of color, edgy haircuts, and loose romantic styles are all the rage this season. Whether you’re ready for a total transformation or prefer to incorporate a few select ideas, look no further. These trends will have you shaking off those winter blues and walking on sunshine.
Coppers and fiery reds are being seen all over the runways. Who says blondes have to have all the fun?
Ombre is here to stay! Just when we thought this
rend had seen it’s last day, the Ombre makes a big splash in a new way. This style is being worn in three different versions.
  • Traditional Ombre: dark at the scalp, light on the ends
  • Reverse Ombre: light  at the scalp, dark on the ends
  • Highlighted Ombre: this version is weaved in through the midshaft and ends, much like a foiled highlight, leaving some natural color to blend with the light.

light ombre



Pastels are huge hit this season. Lavender, sea foam teal and rose pinks are definitely the most talked about in the soft hue spectrum.  These colors are being worn in various ways.

  • All over color: scalp to ends
  • Dip Dyed: only the ends of the hair are colored, one shade of pastel or in a rainbow effect
  • Extensions: real hair that is fastened to a clip that can be put in or removed whenever you want. This is great because it’s not permanent and you can switch it up depending on your outfit, event, or mood. Because they are made out of real hair, they can be washed, curled or flat ironed to match your style. We carry these at Hybrid Salon for $10. If you would like the extension cut to blend in with your current style, the cost is $15 total.

Lavender color

pastel pops
rose ombre
Short hair is straight off the Red Carpet for 2013! Whether you like a softer style such as Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams do or prefer to rock an edgier look like Pink, Miley Cyrus and Halle Berry, this trend shouts confidence and fierceness.   It requires little to none in the styling department, accentuates your pretty face and gives you the freedom to spend time doing things other than your hair. This style can be dressed up with a pompadour or quiff (think James Dean and Elvis Presley), bright scarves or delicate headbands.
2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Press Room
Bangs are a great way to switch up your look without changing your length or color. Not to be confused with the bangs your mom cut for you, these are sassy face framers and can be worn as a full on fringe or side swept depending on your hair type and face shape.
Are you loving your current color and cut but want to style your hair differently? 2013 is all about the loose, romantic feel.
  • Braids: fishtails, pulled apart braids and side swept braids are popping up in all of the celebrity and fashion magazines. This is a youthful, fresh approach when added to a “bed head” low bun or pony tail. 
  • Beachy Waves: this look is achieved with minimal product and can be done with a curling wand or diffuser.
  • Deep Side & Middle Parts: reminiscent of the 1960’s-1970’s, this style can be worn straight, wavy or curly, as well as up or down. Add a scarf for a vintage throwback.

side braid

braid and bun

waterfall braid



Sunglass Hut and Rachel Bilson Host "Full Time Fabulous" Announcement


scarf 3scarf-with-open-hair

When choosing a different look, remember to pick one that best represents your personal taste, works well with your everyday life and allows you to look and feel your best. The professional Stylists at Hybrid Salon are well trained in these trends and are looking forward to developing a cutting edge look for you this Spring!

~Ivana for Hybrid Salon

Talk of The Town 2013

We did it again! By continuing to provide amazing customer service and achieving positive reviews  online we have been awarded the Talk of the Town Award for the 4th year in a row. Many thanks to the wonderful guests of Hybrid Salon!


Hybrid Salon, LLC Receives the 2013 Talk of the Town Award

 Madison, WI (February 16, 2013): Hybrid Salon, LLC has been named a recipient of the 2013 Customer Satisfaction Award for Excellence in Customer Care, presented by Talk of the Town News, Customer Care News and Celebration Media.

The award honors companies and professionals that provide excellent customer service, as reported by their customers through no-cost, user review websites. The reviews are analyzed by a team of researchers who calculate a star rating system based on these data, which determines a business’ award eligibility.

To determine 2013 award recipients, Celebration Media’s dedicated team of researchers spent more than 6,000 hours analyzing data from multiple websites that detailed customer’s experiences at organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Among the types of organizations and professionals eligible to receive these awards are hospitals, dentists, accountants, physical therapists, veterinarians, optometrists, insurance, chiropractors, lawyers, financial planners, restaurants, bakeries, event centers, home improvement companies, florists, spas, salons and mortgage companies, in addition to several other categories.

This is the fifth year Celebration Media, Talk of the Town and Customer Care News have honored companies with its Customer Satisfaction Award for Excellence in Customer Care.


Color Correction

Hybrid Salon had the great opportunity to have an Au Pair in from Austria last week in need of a color correction. It’s always fascinating to take someone from one hair color to the other end of the hair color spectrum.  We like to refer to this as turning apples into oranges. It’s not for everyone,  hence the individual receives quite a bit of attention after a major change, but this young woman was definitely ready.

She came to us with very blonde hair that had been grown out for several months. The desired result was a soft brown with a slight ombre feel. The reality of this is a more natural looking hair color when there is a slight transition of depth at the scalp moving to lightness at the ends.  After five color formulations, two color applications and four hours at the salon(timing included 2 deep conditioning treatments and a haircut) we hit the target. The pics below show the before, mid, and final result. Note the uneven color absorption in the mid step due to uneven porosity in the hair. Imagine what might have happened if she had done this at home!





Final Result

Final Result

Hybrid Hot Tip #19 Hairspray

Hairspray offer’s many different holds, have different features and different spray types. So how do you know which one to choose?  Lets see if we can help cut down on that closet full of hairspray products by breaking down Redken’s Hairspray collection. Be sure to talk to your stylist about your hair type and desired results. This way you can pick the one that will best benefit your look.
Fashion Works 12– Versatile Working Spray
                               Medium hold, prevents color fading with vitamins C and E and is an aerosol mist
Pure Force 16-Non Aerosol Fixing Spray
                                Fine mist that is fast drying, humidity resistant and helps to control frizz with spectacular shine
Quick Dry 18-Instant Finishing Spray
                               A stylists favorite, with a wide spray aerosol it instantly dries with control that provides shine and a firm finish
Forceful 23-Super Strength Finishing Spray
                               24 humidity resistant and 8 hour control, brush-able, touchable, anti-static, frizz free shine with maximum control and shape memory. Layer for more control.
Summer is right around the corner, gear up with the control your hair will need! Stock your closet with super shiny, humidity resistant, anti frizz all day control hair sprays that will work for you!

Hybrid Hot TIp # 18 The Professional Hair dryer

How many different types of hair dryers are there? A ton! Not to mention the different price points. So what is the best way to decipher what type of hair dryer will give you optimum results? Lets take a look at the article below for further explanation.

Hair dyers have changed tremendously since the days of Grease. In the past, they were measured by how many watts they used, which somehow proved just how good they were at drying hair. Turns out all that power can lead to singed follicles. These days hair dryers boast features like, “ionic,” “ceramic,” and “tourmaline.” But what do they actually do?

Hair dryers of yore used a metal or plastic heating element that would blow out intense and uneven heat. “Essentially, they dry your hair by cooking the water out of it — literally boiling it off,” writes hair care company Misikko. This kind of intense treatment day in and day out will make your hair brittle, leading it to eventually break. These types of hair dryers also, “diffuse positive ions that cause the (normally neutral) cuticle covering of the hair shaft to open, causing frizz and dull appearance.”

Dryers that use ceramic penetrate the hair with heat. Ceramic has amazing heat conduction properties that produce far infrared heat, which is radiant; penetrating the hair shaft, rather than heating from the outside in.

Ionic hair dryers dry hair faster than standard dryers by breaking down water molecules in your hair. They also produce negatively charged ions, which keep the cuticle closed, retaining moisture in the hair shaft, and eliminating frizz, while giving hair more body. According to Miskko, “ceramic charges ions negatively — to an extent — but combining it with other elements can boost that charge.”

The more negative ions you have the faster a hair dryer can dry (up to 70% faster). Tourmaline is a material that can generate negative ions, so it’s becoming standard fare in today’s dryers.

Lately silver and titanium nano technology has been integrated into dryers. The silver is supposed to kill bacteria, but we’re not sure what kind of bacteria you have to worry about in your hair dryer. The titanium is supposed to add shine.

If you love a good blowout but can’t bear to shell out $30 to $50 each time you hit the salon, why not invest in a professional-grade blow-dryer and do your own blowouts at home? With so many choices on the market (and so much lingo on the packaging), it can be hard to decide what to buy. How many volts should your blow-dryer have? What does wattage mean? And tourmaline, ionic, and ceramic—do they even make a difference? We spoke with New York City-based hairstylist Davide Marinelli from De Berardinis Salon and a technician from Conair who wishes to remain anonymous, to find out what all those terms mean and what you should look for when purchasing a new blow-dryer.

The first thing you need to assess is how often you’ll actually use your blow-dryer. Just as you have several factors that influence which shampoo you buy, you need to determine the texture of your hair and how frequently you’ll be blow-drying it in order to know how much power your blow-dryer should have. “If you have fine hair, you don’t want a dryer that’s too strong,” says Davide. “If you have thicker, coarser hair or plan to use your blow-dryer every day, you’ll want something with more strength. The strength and power of your blow-dryer is determined by how many watts it has. The amount of volts is how much energy it uses, so you don’t have to worry about that too much. If you’re using the tool every day, then aim for a dryer with more watts. Hairdressers typically blow-dry with 2,600 watts, but they’re using them all day, every day.”

Side note: The hair dryers we use at Hybrid Salon are in the 2000- 2200 watt range. We have great results on an everyday basis.

The cost of the dryer is an indication of how much power it has. “A lower-priced product will generally have lower wattage, so it won’t last you as long.” says Davide. If you only blow-dry your hair every few days or once a week, then something cheaper is fine. Just remember, this is an investment. You want your hair to look its best.” Other technical terms to be aware of: “Ceramic and tourmaline are minerals added to the paint on the dryer to give it extra benefits,” says a technician at Conair. “They provide natural ion protection to help reduce frizz.”

And extra features? Like a blow-dryer that is quieter than others or has a cool setting or special motor? “The cool setting on your dryer is essential for holding the style,” says Davide. “Heat is used to create it, then a blast of cold air sets it.” Dryers with quieter engines are just that—quieter. It’s whether they have a slower speed or fewer settings that will affect their performance. The Babyliss Pro Volare blow-dryer has a Ferrari engine, which means it has ball bearings (like the ones found in car engines). The ball bearings reduce friction and vibration, so you get a smoother, more powerful airflow. There’s also Sedu’s Icon Privé, which costs a hefty $700. This machine is designed to be super quiet, weighs only 1.05 pounds, and has a six-year warranty. The value is in its power (2300 watts!). That will dry your hair in seconds, and its shelf life. It’s equipped with 10,000 hours of motor life, whereas other dryers have only 2,000 hours.

So to summarize the comparison of  the drug store hair-dryer to professional hair-dryer:  lower cost, less longevity, lower wattage, longer dry time, not as many special features…just ok hair. Higher price point, longer life span, more power, less drying time, more options and great results. The choice is yours, but if you need assistance please contact us through out website by clicking here for a free consultation.

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