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Beer and Braids

This past month Hybrid Salon hosted the cutest event ever! Beer and Braids for fathers and daughters. This two hour event had dads braiding like they never have before. They learned the traditional three strand and then had the chance to learn the french braid, the fish tail and the waterfall braid. Props to these guys for picking up braiding like pro’s. We might be calling a few of them for wedding season 😉

Avoiding Potential Hair Damage

 Swimming, going to the beach, and windy car rides can result in frizzy, tangled, dry, and seemingly unmanageable hair. Trying to reverse the damage can lead to more if you are unsure about the proper way to de-tangle and condition your hair. Here are some helpful steps to help get rid of your tangles.
 1.Load up your hair with a moisturizing conditioner in your hair while in the shower. The conditioner will help smooth the cuticle on the out side of the hair which will result in less damage. Work in the conditioner until the hair starts to feel slippery.
2.Detangle the hair by using a wide-toothed comb. Gently comb through from ends to scalp until all of the tangles are loose.
3.Shampoo and condition the hair. Using a deep conditioner to prevent further damage is a smart option at this step. Redken offers the Strength Builder Plus mask and Pureology serves up and luxurious treat in their Strength Cure Mask.
4.Comb and then brush hair. Combing the hair first will help to prevent breakage.
5.Let the hair air dry. The hair has already suffered enough; heat drying it after the trauma of tangles may add to the dryness of the hair. If you truly must blow-dry, make sure to use a heat protecting product. Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer is a good choice as it will protect the hair up to 450 degrees.

Liz for Hybrid Salon

Earn Money Back With Gently Used Retail!

Do you have hair products that are just taking up space? Maybe you have purchased something at your local grocery/drug store that seemed perfect for you. Then after using it, you’ve realized it doesn’t do all what it claimed to do. Perhaps you have changed your style and the products you have don’t support your current look. Most of us have experienced the feeling of wanting to try something our stylist has recommended but have told ourselves that we can’t justify buying more when so much of it is sitting unused.

What would you say if we told you that you could “earn back” money for getting rid of those products? Too good to be true? Not so!

Here at Hybrid Salon, we are introducing a new program that does just that. Bring in the hair products that are sitting in your closet or under your sink. Any brand, professional salon grade or otherwise, and we will give you 10% OFF of your new retail here! It’s a great way to get a discount on products we know will work for you. Products you will use instead of ones that collect dust. In addition to giving you 10% off, we will donate those gently used products to our local Woman’s Shelter.

Now that’s what we call a “win, win”!

~Ivana for Hybrid Salon

Calling All Referrals!!

Often local businesses rely on word of mouth to generate new clientele and propel them to the next level of success. The staff at Hybrid Salon believe that our current guests have the largest impact on future growth. Also, a referral from a satisfied guest, is the greatest compliment a stylist can receive.

We show how much we value and appreciate your willingness to tell friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about us through our Referral Incentives Program. When a guest sends someone to Hybrid Salon who has never been here before, both the current Guest and the new Guest receive 20% off of their entire service! You can refer confidently knowing your loved ones will leave Hybrid Salon with the same top-notch experience that you receive each time you are here.

Just our way of saying THANK YOU!

~Ivana for Hybrid Salon

To Wax or not to Wax…?

To Wax or not to Wax…?.

To Wax or not to Wax…?

Have you ever heard that if you wax, your hair will come back in thicker and more coarse? Or maybe you have seen the  40 Year Old Virgin in which there is a scene where Steve Carrell has a waxing service performed. Did you think “oh my, I would never put myself throughout that much pain, it looks absolutely terrible!!” ?? Well you might be pleasantly surprised to know that it is exactly opposite, when done correctly.

When you start waxing it is good to have sufficient outgrowth for the best results. Usually this will take  2-8 weeks to grow, depending on the body part. You are looking for approximately 1/4 inch in length. If your hair is longer than this, you or your specialist should trim the extra hair. Your hair goes through three stages of growth and each phase has a different length of time it must go through before it’s complete.  Most waxing results will last about 4-6 weeks. However, this depends on how much of the hair you catch in the same growth phase. The longer you wax and stay on a regular schedule, the better the results will be.  By staying consistent you are training your growth phases to “sync up”. If you shave at any point during this you will have to start all over! Shaving cuts the hair off at such an angle that it gets coarse and will come to the surface faster, resulting in shaving on a more frequent schedule. It takes the hair longer to resurface when you remove the bulb from the follicle rather than slicing the hair down to skin level. Hair could be back as early as the next day! What a time sucker.  Not to mention razor bumps that can happen or even getting cut with a new blade.

Many people experience an ingrown hair or two along the way. This can happen with shaving AND waxing. This happens for various reasons. Sometimes it’s the hair type. Other times a clogged pore causes this problem. A thicker coarse strand or a curly texture might be more familiar with this than a fine, straight hair texture.  Some things that have been helpful in preventing (notice I say preventing not eliminating): use a loofah sponge to lightly exfoliate the area that has been waxed. This can be done daily if needed.  Astringent alone or in combination with an oil is also another remedy for prevention.

Now, what if you have sensitive skin? Well you are in luck! There is more than one type of wax available to you. The type of wax used will make or break your experience.  Strip wax and hard wax is also referred to as hot and cold wax.  When we break these down, there are a few simple differences. When using a strip wax, you will be applying hot wax to the skin and placing a strip over it to remove the hair. This can be done in a small area such as the brow or a larger surface area such as legs or chest.  There are a variety of strip waxes available that are more suitable for different skin and hair types.  A hard wax (cold wax) is better for those of you with a  more sensitive skin type and for a more sensitive area. This type of wax adheres to the hair and not the skin which causes minimal pain. It will harden to the hair and within a minute you can remove the hardened wax. Hard wax is preferable for a Brazilian or bikini service because it is best for those sensitive areas.

If pain is still a concern, you have you do have options. Taking ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment can help. There are also numbing creams in salon that can be applied 15 minutes before your appointment. Please discuss this option with your Aestheticism as it will change the timing of your appointment.  Applying aloe after the service will calm the skin down and take down the redness out. On occasion you may experienced bruising, removal of skin, a burn or too much hair removed in one area. (I hope you haven’t but it can happen!)  Not holding the skin taught while waxing can cause the above mentioned. In this case your waxing specialist may ask you to assist them in holding certain areas tight.  The temperature of the wax is also important. If it is too hot it can burn your skin or remove it. Skin removal can happen on an area where the skin is very thin or dry. Medications, some skin creams or acne medicines can cause the skin to be more susceptible. It is always a good idea, especially if you are seeing a specialist for the first time, to make them aware of these things. They should ask but if they don’t, save yourself from theses uncomfortable experiences by letting them know before beginning. Common places to bruise include your bikini line, inner upper arm, inner thigh, and underarm.

There are things you will need to avoid after a waxing service. No tanning or direct sunlight exposure to the area 24 hours before AND after your service. When you wax, you are exfoliating a layer of skin with each time. Your skin needs time to recover, it may burn more easily. Scented oils, lotions and body washes may cause irritation. Working out may cause pores to become clogged with dirt, oils and sweat which we now know causes those pesky ingrown hairs. Wear loose-fitting clothing if you must workout. Lastly, hot water can be too harsh after waxing. Wait 6-8 hours before exposure or lower the temperature.

Hybrid Salon now offers full body waxing! Come see for yourself how wonderful waxing can be. Colie, our waxing Specialist, has been fully trained to take care of all of your waxing needs. From your consultation, to the service itself and at home care.  Colie is here to guide you and make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We hope to see you soon!

Click here for a menu of our waxing services at Hybrid Salon

~Colie for Hybrid Salon

The Facts about Shellac

By now many of you have either had Shellac done, have a friend who has, or you’ve at least heard the word tossed around. This month’s blog is dedicated to giving you the skinny on this year’s most popular nail service.

Shellac is a type of nail polish. It is applied much like your basic polish brands, but unlike the standard polish, it is “cured” under a UV lamp.  This allows the polish to adhere firmly to the nail bed. First the base coat is applied and cured. Next we apply the color of your choice and then it too is cured. This hardens the color for long-lasting coverage. Lastly, the top coat is painted on and cured. This hardens the polish and sets the manicure with a protective layer.

This process of “curing” the different layers is what allows Shellac to last longer than the typical polish. Shellac generally lasts up to two weeks! With regular use, your nails will grow longer and stronger. What’s the best part of Shellac? It’s completely dry when you leave! That fact alone allows for so much freedom! Say goodbye to worrying about smudging and chipping your freshly painted nails. Concerned that your day-to-day activities will ruin your manicure? From the moment you walk out the door, to your next big event, your nails will stay looking fabulous with Shellac.

If this sounds too good to be true,  come see for yourself! We now have room  for two manicure’s at a time so bring a friend! Is this your first nail service with us? Mention that to your service provider and receive 20% off.

~Ivana for Hybrid Salon

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